Way Maker Prep Services provides full-service FBA prep services meeting and exceeding Amazon’s requirements for packing your products. We have prepped hundreds of thousands of products for our own Amazon business, and bring that level of experience, and care to prepping your products. The services we provide include (but not limited to) shipment receiving, inspection, sticker removal, FNSKU labeling, bundling, poly bagging, boxing, shipping, and more! Way Maker Prep specializes in OA/RA, Wholesale, and Private Label. Our goal is to provide the solutions you need to help you grow your business.

Flat Rate Pricing:

No hidden fees, no surprises. We offer a flat rate per unit price based on volume (with a few exceptions listed below). The per unit fee includes receiving, inspection, basic sticker removal, poly bagging (to include bundles, etc.), FNSKU labeling, shipment creation, boxes (to include all needed packaging supplies), box labels, and UPS pickup. We do not charge extra for bundles!

How we price our services
At the end of each month, we determine how many total units were prepped, and bill accordingly. New customers receive the introductory rate of $1.60 per unit for the first month.


1,000+ units/month; 1st month

500-999 units/month

1-499 units/month

Other Charges:

  • Excessive Cleaning/Sticker Removal – $0.30/individual item
  • Bubble Wrap – $0.25/ per 12×12 sheet of bubble wrap
  • Oversized/Shoe Fee – $2.00/unit (Anything sent to a separate warehouse or is over 5lbs)
  • LTL Shipment to Amazon – $30/per pallet storage – Under 30 days is free. Entire shelving rack $25/month.
  • Partial shelve to Full Shelf on a rack $5/per shelf per month. 40×48 pallet space – $25/month

Custom Quotes:

Volume discounts may also be offered upon request

Terms & Conditions:

  •  Notification of any damaged items will be conveyed to the client via email, unless alternative methods of communication have been specified by the client. Upon request, we will return the damaged items to the supplier, with any related shipping costs being invoiced to the client. Please note that any damaged inventory will be disposed of after a period of fifteen days if no further instructions are received from the client regarding its disposition.
  • Way Maker Prep will provide our fee reimbursements to you for products that have been mislabeled by Way Maker Prep. We require that the products are sent back to Way Maker Prep and we will provide pictures to you of mislabeled items. On the occasion that the items are not mislabeled, and Amazon is at fault, Way Maker Prep will not provide fee reimbursements.
  • The client shall be solely responsible for filing any and all claims for any inbound or outbound shipments, including but not limited to claims for lost, damaged, or delayed shipments. The client shall indemnify and hold harmless the company from any and all liability arising from or related to any claims filed by the client.
  • Way Maker Prep reserves the right to retain inventory for unpaid invoices.
  • Way Maker Prep will not disclose or use any supplier information to any outside, third-party.
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